Fast Track to Cultural Intelligence

CQ is the key to the future of any heterogeneous and diverse organization. It is critical for businesses to distinguish themselves in a rapidly converging and turbulent global marketplace. The ability to understand different cultures, to establish relationships and negotiate successfully with diverse stakeholders is central to business growth and success.

The workplace is constantly changing and organizations are becoming increasingly heterogeneous and diverse. One of the largest and most important challenges organizations are currently facing is adapting to this diversity. The pressures of a global, competitive, uncertain, and volatile economy make creating and sustaining a strong, healthy and effective workplace culture increasingly challenging.

My cultural intelligence training workshops are designated for organizations who work cross-border and who prioritize cultivating cultural intelligence amongst its management and/or teams. The objective of the workshop is for the participants to undergo an experiential learning and coaching process to understand and apply the fundamental aspects of diversity within various cultures and develop cross-cultural awareness, sensitivity and knowledge.

Managers who acquire CQ competencies will be able to:

  • Adapt and lead sensibly and efficiently in a culturally aware manner.
  •  Connect, collaborate, create and bring out the best with multi-cultural peers, teams, and customers.
  •  Create and sustain a thriving and successful organizational culture, embodying continual self-improvement and awareness of self and multi-cultural workforce players.

CQ influences thinking, choice, decision-making, internal and external communications. Managers and teams acquire new ways of interacting with different cultures and further understand the key differences between cultures by learning how to bridge over them.

 The benefits of this practical experiential workshop include:

  • Preparing managers for today’s global business environment by understanding the impact of cultural assumptions and behaviors when dealing with peers and clients in a post-global business environment.
  • Gaining practical knowledge of important business protocols and etiquettes. Such as electronic communication biases, formality/informality within cultures, meetings & appointments, verbal/non-verbal communication biases.
  • Learning behavioral norms, do’s and don’ts when encountering a new situation.
  • Acquiring methods and models for mindful communication and business efficiency in various business contexts including virtual and face-to-face meetings, team collaboration, international conferences, cross-team projects and more.
  • Increasing employee awareness leading to decreased cultural bias regarding the employee’s cultural assumptions and behaviors.
  • Increasing trust through better and more mindful and open communication, providing better service to culturally diverse customers and preventing costly mistakes.
  • Increasing team and cross-team collaboration, performance and efficiency using CQ communication skills.
  • Driving creativity and innovation in the organization by collaborating with diverse resources and understanding the high value of multiple perspectives.
  • Facilitating action-plans for applying cross-cultural concepts, tools, and strategies to current and future business interactions.