Relocation Training

Relocation training focuses on skill sets needed to work with people from diverse backgrounds

Relocation training programs are essential in preparing employees and their families to life in a new society, and often grant them an understanding and knowledge of foreign cultures. In addition, the probability of an expat succeeding in achieving his mission abroad is greater by preventing dissonance for him and his family within their new environment.


Assignment failures entail significant financial loss to the organization. Some of these costs include:

  • Finding a replacement for relocation.
  • Loss of productivity during the replacement period.
  • Loss of a key employee and his accumulated experience, often in favor of the competition.


The valuable benefits of inter-cultural training

Career success in a new culture is dependent upon the ability to adapt to the new business environment, including networking skills, trust building, team management, inter-personal communication and empowerment skills.


A typical business curriculum includes:

  • Understanding inter-cultural dynamics at the office.
  • Evaluating inter-cultural differences in the organization.
  • Negotiation techniques.
  • Team, project and meeting management.
  • Marketing and sales methods in the destination country / area.
  • Effective strategies for verbal / non-verbal communication methods.
  • Creating social and business relationships.
  • Business and social protocols.
  • Body language interpretation.


Training for spouses and families includes:

  • Understanding the adaption curve.
  • Overcoming the cultural shock for parents and children.
  • Differences in language and communication.
  • Understanding non-verbal behaviors.
  • Table manners, social protocols and rules of behavior.
  • Spouse adaptation to the new environment.
  • Understanding the educational system and culture in local schools.
  • Psychological aspects of adaption.
  • Home management, understanding buying / renting a house.
  • Buying a car.
  • The shopping culture.
  • Finances (banks, credit cards, saving plans).
  • Insurances: Car / Health – understanding the differences between the Israeli and the local health plan policies.
  • Information about local Jewish communities.



The benefits in preparing children for relocation through a focused coaching process:

  • Decreases uncertainty.
  • Increases a sense of control.
  • Decreases anxieties.
  • Helps to cope with stress.
  • Facilitates a realistic preparation for the difficulties to come – new language, new school, and new friends.
  • Coaching on how to share decision making to increase the child’s sense of control and security.
  • Planning possible solutions for potential difficulties.


With the right training and preparation, relocation can be a fascinating adventure. Exploring and living in new cultures will enable one to discover new boundaries and acquire essential tools to elevate oneself to become a successful “global citizen”.